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Get Your Life Flowing!

Harness the power of your choices. Manage self-worth, stress, and feelings of overwhelm. Grow your calm identity, confident conversations, and set boundaries that get you the respect, peace of mind, and the love you desire most.

Step 1 Free Consultation

One 60 minute phone call creates strategy and maps the journey through what keeps you stuck. Design your smooth flowing life. Uncover your dreams, passions, and needs with a mentor who understands and knows how to get you there. Discover proven training and new tools, for your happiest solution. Feel lighter.

Step 2 911 Emergency

One quick coaching session gives new perspective to your crisis. Plan one strategy, or solve one problem. When it all seems too much, focus your thoughts, prepare your job interview, leave your marriage... Talk to someone who listens NOW! Simple and safe. No obligation to continue.

“My life is happier and more harmonious now that I am not walking around with my nerves exposed. I recommend Sue Rumack to anyone who needs to learn how to handle stress."

-Josefine Raanback, Phd. Sweden

“Sue, you helped me to become a courageous rebel. No one dares to leave the system, and move on their own to another country. Life is fun with you ... and organized. You always, in some way, I don't know how... you changed my issues.

I am so thankful you helped me become the woman I want to be!"

- Helena Claesson, Sweden and Spain

The Empath Trainer

Sue Rumack

Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Empath, expert in guiding sensitive people

to create dynamic new empowerment, and strong identity.

Figure out how to get your life flowing again with our help, and get the peace, calm, and love you’ve always known you deserve!